This course introduces students to the basics of writing and performing stand-up comedy, providing them with the information and the skills that they – or the comic they’re writing for – need to succeed at the microphone.   

Beginning with the premise that any comedian is only as good as his or her material, coursework emphasizes the craft of joke writing with particular attention paid to the meticulous choices necessary to structure elegant setups and powerful punch lines.

Students examine the differences between writing for a reader and writing for a speaker, and through individually tailored assignments, search out the universal in their own relationships, experiences, and opinions. After incorporating their discoveries into a form appropriate for stand-up and cultivating a unique comic voice through daily exercises, students are offered a chance to perform their material in front of a live audience.

The course is designed for those preparing for their first stand-up experience, those interested in joke writing, and those seeking to refine their comedic skills.  Students participate in eight, three-hour group sessions supplemented by individual writing tutorials.   The class concludes with a Comedy Night Showcase where students perform their material before a live audience and a final post-performance review. No prior experience is necessary. See below for comments by former students.



In addition to offering stand-up workshops, Eddie's available for one-on-one or group coaching sessions or writing consultations. He's written material for professional comedians and coached dozens of beginners, preparing them for their first experience at the microphone.  

No matter your level of experience, Eddie will help you hone your writing and delivery skills.  And, after watching you work before an audience, he'll offer critical yet constructive comments to help you further refine your act.

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Here's what past students are saying about Eddie:

“I’d never done standup but Eddie coached me into performing a set in just 2 weeks!  He worked with me on improving the language and rhythm of my material, and most importantly, helped me find my voice as a comic. Performing my set at the Metropolitan Room on a packed Saturday night was not only an amazing way to end the class, it was the highlight of my year!  Eddie’s the best.”

 Chris Arruda, New York, NY

“Eddie’s standup class gave me confidence I never knew I had. With his guidance, I learned what it takes to write great material. He works very hard to make sure you become the best comic you can be!”

Joan Fuchsman, Washington, DC

“Despite years of acting in stage, the idea of performing standup comedy has always scared me.  Eddie helped me understand the nature of the beast, honing jokes down to their essence (and talking me off the ledge as my performance date drew near!). A great learning experience!"

Dale Leopold, Richmond, VA

Standing on a stage and making people laugh was not something I thought I had the balls to do until I took Eddie's workshop.  He gave me the basics, helped me shape my ideas and then allowed me to present them in a way that was effective (and if I do say so myself, rather funny).  The greatest take away for me though was that the experience inspired me to write more, taught me how to self-edit, and I got to draw a line through another item on my bucket list.  

Mike Borger, Columbus, OH

“Eddie’s class taught me some great comedic writing skills and valuable techniques.  He inspired me to get up onstage and try it for myself. What a wonderful experience it was learning from him.”

Bonnie Dodd. Laurel, MD

“Eddie is so much fun to work with!   I’ve taken his class numerous times and always, ALWAYS, get a lot out of it. Eddie may be neurotic, but in a loving, wants-you-to-succeed way.  He’s a master at helping you relate to the audience and he’s able to help streamline your material so it gets the most laughs.  He critiques in a gentle, confidence-building way that the students respond to.   I highly recommend his class.”

Cathy Sembert, Miami, FL